What have you been up to?

What have you been up to recently?

One of the many projects I’m working on is helping prepping a business founder for BBC Dragon’s Den filming and a (one of the other, very experienced) investors pointed this out to us,

He said, “You don’t really go on that show to do a deal with the dragons, it’s more likely about the positive exposure, which can lead to other opportunities.”

This principle could also apply to a job seeker utilising ALL modern media… it’s not just about ‘pitching’ your connections on LinkedIn; ‘I’ve been made redundant can you let me know about any opportunities’

…it can be so much more, such as,

– create useful/interesting/amusing written or video posts.

Perhaps talking about what you learned in specific roles

– approach podcasts to guest or create your own show

– get your own cv website built and find an angle the press/tv are interested in. See Laura Ripley for example (you’ll hear her on my podcast describe how)

– do something for the community which is worth remarking on. A story worthy ‘something’. See Mike Scotland for an example.

If you’d like a hand or a chat aboyt how to do any of the above, email me and we can set up a 30 minute Quick Start./Kick start call.

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