Attracting Career Opportunity with LinkedIn

Are you in control and actively attracting career opportunity?

One way to do this is to post thought provoking content on LinkedIn.

I aim to post daily, with a view to meeting relevant connections and developing opportunities for them and me.

Here’s one of my favourite posts of last week that caused conversations, fresh connections, and a couple of business enquiries – could attracting the right connections/conversations be helpful in your current situation? (see post below)

If yes, get in touch, I may be able to help you craft your linkedin content to do just that.

I plan to email you my favourite post of the week on a Friday, so if i forget feel free to jog my memory!

You’re suffering career crisis, with loss of job, salary and probably a heavy boot to your confidence.

Time to take back control?

Use the *pilot crisis rule to safely land (sorry) your next role

Aviate. Navigate. Communicate.

Aviate – keep the ‘aircraft’ flying; eat healthy, hydrate with water nae wine, stick to working lifestyle Sleep routine, take moderate exercise.

Navigate – stick with your PROCESS. Don’t get distracted by internet black holes etc.

Communicate – use spreadsheet (any centralised place/CRM) to stay on top of all applications,targeted approaches, relationship building follow ups.

*This is point 21 of a new (free) resource we’ve now finished – ‘Captain Your Career’ (i may already have asked for your feedback on an earlier version, so thank you!) where I push this analogy even further. Apologies to any actual pilots for the overuse of this analogy! I promise a real trained pilot did share, ‘aviate, navigate, communicate’ with me..

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