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“Thank you for all your help I passed the British Transport Police assessment and have a conditional offer this afternoon."
"Thanks again for the coaching call this morning. Those 30 minutes were packed with gold nuggets, which really helped me understand how I can confidently pitch myself to prospective employers. Advice that was straight the point and actionable."

CareerGoldmining coaching outcomes:

Potential Career Options Brainstorm

Relevant experience, challenges faced, the value you might add to the potential roles or business scenarios.

Interview Prep

You’ll be able to take a recruiter or hiring manager through your career history in an engaging yet conversational manner, picking out and presenting your most valuable experiences by using positive role to role bridging transitions.

Candidate Differentiation Strategy

You’ll recognise & learn to express your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and UEP (Unique Experiences Proposition) in order to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Build Candidate Impact

You’ll learn to structure & deploy personal business stories which demonstrate career-value using the F-STORMS template.

Personal Preparation Plan

You’ll build a PPP in order to take your next steps to a new role, then deliver to your maximum impact at interview.

Opportunity Creation

innovative candidate positioning and a unique targeted opportunity creation approach.

“...Thank you so much to Thor Holt (Pamela’s CareerGoldminer® Coach) for his guidance and motivation. It has been a truly memorable, unique, thought provoking, confidence boosting and fun experience, but most importantly, I have secured my dream job.”
Pamela Yeoman
Regional Sales Manager (UK)
“Thank you so much for the career gold mining session today. I didn't expect such a deep dive and it totally surpassed my expectations...."
Jawayria Yawar
"Recruiter called.... said 128 applicants shortlisted... and now I'm in last 2... I couldn't have done it without your support. (Now In the new role)."
(anon) Lawyer
Energy Industry. (UK)

Start your journey here, sign up to download our ‘Captain Your Career Checklist’

Start your journey here,

sign up to download our

‘Captain Your Career Checklist’

It's FREE and contains 21 pointers to help you develop your CV and your career development plan.

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